Safety for Women


Many people question Muslim’s because of the way of the world today. They get unfairly blamed for everything from acts of terror, to who knocked your bin over in the street last night.

Is it because they wear different clothes? Is it because they pray to Allah more times than you have meals per day? Are they misunderstood?

In modern society mainstream media portray our brothers as an extreme threat to our welfare. I think this blinkered view is somewhat outdated, yet there are atrocities performed on women and what some people view as lesser members of society.

Dubai mixed groups are first and one of the most modern Emirates in the UAE. They have opened their doors to foreign investment and seen tourists and investment companies flock in their droves.

Did this lead to any changes in Dubai society or of their tolerance to women and people of different nationalities?

Many women are classed as second class citizens in Dubai but this is far from reality. If your in fear of abuse from your husband please feel free to contact us where we can pass your information on to one of our sister sites that will provide help and comfort in complete privacy.

This world does not have to tolerate, abusers make a difference and stand upto these bullies, report them and take the first step on the road to recovery!

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